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medieval living statue

Classical living statue

Statueman living statues have been providing the UK's finest living statues for over 20 years, our range of over 150 costumes is the largest available meaning we can pride statues for almost any theme. Our professional artists and ultra realistic  costumes will bring fantastic impact to any event and something your guests will remember long after the event has finished. Using only minimal space we can  perform almost anywhere, our statues can be provided with integral up-lighting and are guaranteed to bring a huge impact to an event. For more information on how we work please give David a call or email us, I will be happy to answer any queries you may have and be able to give you a competitive quote STATUEMAN@HOTMAIL.CO.UK   

Tel: 07771 994478 

 The most realistic living statues available in the uk!

At Statueman living statues we have a passion for what we do,  The art of living statue dates back to medieval times when Tableau Vivant or groups of entertainers performed in the streets or at pageants emulating famous people of the time.  In modern times living statues have become a common sight in town centres and tourist areas,  places such as Covent garden and Bath are well known for this type of street performance. There  is also a living statues world championship in Arnhem Holland  and a similar UK championship is held at Stratford-on- Avon each year. Originally formed in 1994, Statueman living statues and our sister company still living statues  have built our reputation to become the Uk's leading professional company, with over 150 costumes and characters to choose from and many themes to suit different events we are the number one choice for this form of entertainment.  trained in performing arts, dance and mime  we have been booked for events worldwide and worked for many important clients, none more so than HRH the Queen herself. Our artists have been regularly seen in  film and Tv commercials also on current programmes such as "Take me Out" and "Cuckoo"  more recently we can be seen on CBBC's "Gigglebiz". to see some videos of us in action as living statues please click here  videos


Brunel living statue

Classical lady statue